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Qualification Foreign exchange dealings have not only potential big remuneration but a large-scale potential risk. In order for you to recognize a risk and to invest in a foreign exchange market there is trap about accepting them. Please do not trade with the money which you cannot lose. Before determining to participate in a foreign exchange market you need to take into consideration the level of the investment purpose experience and the degree of risk preference carefully. A risk of the ability to set to one of foreign exchange dealings has remarkable exposure. Although all the transactions containing currency may affect the price of currency and mobility substantially and contain political and/or potential for changing economical conditions a risk of not being limited to these is accompanied by them. It means that a motion of the markets where the leverage character of foreign exchange dealings is arbitrary has an effect equally proportional to your deposition fund. This can be committed not only to you for you. You can maintain all losses of the first excess cash your position is liquidated and although possibility serves as responsibility for what kind of damage which you produce as a result it exists.